Outstanding Beauty

June 2015. The lighthouse at Tubajon, Laguindingan, Misamis Oriental: A hidden beauty outside Laguindingan’s boring environment. The lighthouse was constructed circa 2002 beside the remnants of Cuta sa Punta Suluan facing the Macajalar and Iligan Bay. This silent beauty is surrounded by bushes and is erected on a limestone. It is known for its amazing view of sunrise, but we went there to witness the view of the sunset. See the hues behind that proud lighthouse? That’s the reward we got after hours of riding a motorbike on a rickety road. Too surreal like it was handpainted (NOTE: The pic is filter-free!)

I fell in love with this place. Hard. At first sight. It was too picturesque that I want to build my own fort and live there forever. We were the only individuals that time (Ate Nets and the habal-habal driver) and all I can hear was my excited heart, the sea breeze, and faint conversation between Ate and Manong. The sea was so calm like it doesn’t want to steal the moment away from the lighthouse. We squatted on the grass and enjoyed the momentum until the sun sets. We sat there and let the moment devour us in like we’re part of its beauty.

I went home that day with a full heart. This rare experience is what I am after. I live for moments like this and I will always long for adventures that make me feel humble and connected to earth.

Sayonara, until we meet again! 🙂




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